My name is Andreas Leathley and I am a software developer with many hats - programming in PHP, some JS and CSS, deploying with Git and Docker and managing my own servers (currently seven of them) running Nginx, MariaDB, Elasticsearch and PHP-FPM. I work for my own company: Panaxis GmbH

I am intentionally an allrounder, providing solutions for the full bandwidth of application demands, not just the development side, but also strategy and content.

I am well versed with e-commerce, because one of my main projects is an e-commerce system (Adlershop, available in four languages), developed by my company. Optimizing an online shop for speed and easy checkout, SEO, structured content, usability, security, payment methods and customer relationship management are all things I am quite familiar with.

I use existing solutions as much as possible - like Composer, Symfony, Webpack and other open source packages, while creating the crucial and special parts of the application myself. I try to contribute to open source as often as possible and have a few of my own open source packages.

I live in Munich and work in Switzerland - and I’m Swiss. So naturally I love cheese and chocolate - who doesn’t! Beer is high on the list too, surprise me with a nice imperial stout or NEIPA and I’ll probably like you.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need my professional help: