My name is Andreas and I am a doing mainly DevOps - programming in PHP, some frontend work with JS and CSS, deploying with Git and managing my own servers (currently nine of them) running Nginx, MariaDB, Elasticsearch and PHP7-FPM. So basically I am experiencing the full bandwidth of developer life, from actual PHP application design up to the specific config details in Nginx and MariaDB.

I am also well versed with E-Commerce, because one of my main projects is an e-commerce system (Adlershop and Betulashop), developed by myself. Optimizing an online shop for speed and easy checkout, SEO, structured content, usability, security, payment methods and customer relationship management are all within my purview, and bringing them together in a great way is my ambition.

My other main project is a small social network for gays & lesbians (Purplemoon), also developed by myself. This is more of an idealistic project - I am gay myself and am trying to create something I would want to use, which feels comfortable and where nice new people can be found. I even organize some partys each year where the social network can meet in “real life” (called Purplemoon Partys).

I use existing solutions as much as possible - like Composer, Symfony, jQuery and other existing packages, while creating the crucial and special parts of the application myself. I try to contribute to open source, report bugs and help improve existing solutions as much as possible.

I live in Munich and work in Switzerland - and I’m Swiss. So naturally I love cheese and chocolate - who doesn’t! Beer is high on the list too, surprise me with a nice imperial stout and I’ll probably like you.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need my professional help:

Beware that it can take some time for me to get back to you.